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This is a compulsory school. If children do well primary school, they can come to our school. During the first two years at this school the curriculum is the same as in so-called middle school. Generally our school life is exciting and you never know what’s happening next.
We aren’t only in the gym if we have Physical Education, we also go swimming two hours per week in the indoor swimming pool.
In the third form the students can choose between French, Spanish and Latin. After the fourth form you can go to another school like, a technical school or you can stay at our school and choose the language department or the economic department. If you choose the language department you have to take another language as a compulsory subject. So if you take Spanish or French in the third form you have to take Latin in the fifth form. If you go the economic department you have got more subjects like science, politics or physics.
In the seventh form you have the chance for a choice again, because you can choose between Music or Art and Design.
You can also spend your lunch time at school. We have got a great selection of meals for lunch, which are very cheap.

Our school is a UNESCO school. The pupils of 5b class  take  trips  to different countries like Spain or Poland to meet people  and to practice the language which they have studied.

Projects during the years:
  •             First form: ski day
  •             Second form: ski week
  •             Third form: ski week
  •             Fifth form: sport week
  •             Sixth form: trip abroad
  •             Seventh form: trip to Vienna

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